Opening Reception in Bernardsville

Every once in a while you have to sacrifice for your art.  Today, on a day when both the Giants and the Steelers were playing in huge playoff games, I had a conflict.  Scheduled at the same time as the Giants game was the opening reception for the Portrait Society of America’s local/NJ portrait show at the Bernardsville Library.  I really wanted to go, but definitely didn’t want to miss the games (especially the Steeler game).  Thankfully, there exists the DVR.  The trick is not to talk to anyone about the games and to turn the radio off on the drive home, lest you be told the score and have your plans ruined.

Well, I’m glad I went to the reception in Bernardsville because it was a good time.  A couple of friends stopped by to see the show (thanks!) and I met a bunch of nice people, both visitors to the show and fellow artists.  I was particularly impressed with the questions people were asking me about my funky portraits regarding technique, materials, purpose, etc.  Thanks to Jamie Lindholm, the local ambassador of the PSA, for organizing the show.

Bummed about the Giants, but very happy that the Steelers will advance another week.

Andrew Werth at the Bernardsville Library

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