Seton Hall Show Photo

I was finally able to make it up to Newark today to see the City Without Walls show which includes six of my paintings.  Here’s a photo of the overall installation — you can click on the image to get a higher res version.

Andrew Werth @ Seton Hall School of Law

I’m very pleased with the way my paintings look in the lighting of this atrium — a nice, neutral light with very even illumination.  If you’re thinking of going to the show but nervous about going to Newark, it’s incredibly easy to get to by train or car.  I’ve posted directions by train in a separate blog post.  By car, you can follow the Seton Hall law school’s directions, which work very well; today I used the GPS which took me via Turnpike exit 13A through Newark and that was perhaps even easier.  There’s a parking garage right next door at 103 Mulberry St (it’s not cheap, but it’s easy).

In addition to my own paintings, the show includes the work of three other artists.  David French, who happens to also be from Carnegie Mellon (where he graduated from the fine arts school just before I got there as an engineer), exhibits a number of large sort-of-Richter-esque abstractions.  Using mostly subdued tones and a wide-open composition, French perhaps uses large palette knives or squeegies to apply the paint to canvas in ways that pit horizontal versus vertical (I found this image, though I don’t think this one is in the show).  Sonya Chusit, who happens to be from Teaneck — where I lived for 8 years growing up and still consider my “home town” — hints at representation in otherwise large fields of color with expressions of hands, foliage, and streams of “0” digits running across the canvas.  Finally, Karim Marquez (no serendipidous connection, as far as I can tell) exhibits a variety of works ranging from a bright and bubbly blue meditation on color and depth to a dark, monochromatic mixed media expression.

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