Photographs in Artists’ Gallery

I’ve used a portion of my wall space at Artists’ Gallery during this month’s exhibition, The Art of Seduction, to show some photographs.  Although I focus mostly on painting, I’ve been taking thousands and thousands of photos over the past 10 years and hope to occasionally show a few prints in Lambertville or elsewhere.  Here are the photos I’ve exhibited this month:

A moderately spicy pepper from last year's garden

Moderately Spicy, from last year's garden

The Road Ahead, taken in Madrid, 2007.

The Road Ahead, taken in Madrid, 2007.

A Walk in the Park, taken in Roosevelt Park, Edison, NJ.

A Walk in the Park, Roosevelt Park, Edison, NJ.

If you’re interested in prints of these photos, you can reach me directly here.

2 thoughts on “Photographs in Artists’ Gallery

  1. andrew Post author

    Ed, Thanks… I like the way one can read many different narratives in that photo. I had that picture hanging along with A Walk in the Park because of the way the horizontals of one worked with the verticals of the other. Some good news: The Road Ahead was purchased the other day by a woman buying her first piece of art, which is very cool. Oh, and congrats again on that cover article in the April American Artist magazine!

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