A Brand New AndrewWerth.com

I’m very pleased to announce the brand new AndrewWerth.com website!  It’s been completely redesigned to be easier to read and more useful for visitors (as well as easier to maintain for me). It is now a “responsive” website, meaning that it should work well on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops, resizing and adjusting elements on the screen so that they’re easier to read no matter the size of your device.

The most important new feature, though, is an expanded and more powerful gallery section (choose “Paintings” from the main menu). In my previous website, all of the gallery pages were maintained by hand. Now I have the paintings stored in a database so I am able to exhibit many more works than I had before. You can now select for paintings by size (small/medium/large), support (canvas/panel/etc.), and even by a few other criteria such as finding all works in a series (e.g., all of my “Center of Narrative Gravity” paintings).

I’ve also moved my website to a different hosting provider that I hope will prove to be more reliable and faster at delivering pages to you. It’s been a lot of work and I’m sure there are still a few glitches to be worked out.  If you find a problem with the website and would like to let me know about it, please don’t hesitate to use the contact form to drop me a note.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Screen Shot of AndrewWerth.com

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