Painting Demonstration

I’m often asked about the process used to create my paintings.  Do I use stencils?  (No.)  How do you hold your hand steady?  (I use a home-made mahl-stick setup.)  How do I make all of those marks?  (See below)  How do you stay sane doing that?  (Good question! 😉 )

I thought I would put together a video documenting how I go about the actual painting process.  Once I have the design figured out and the painting support all prepped (in this case, I’m using a Dibond aluminum panel), I tone the support and apply the “under-painting”, which can be one or more layers of paint in various gradations of color (in this case, the under-painting includes a Turing pattern).  Then, I begin the “mark-making” process and work my way through until the piece is complete.  Of course, the video is worth more than a few words, so here it is:

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