Virtual Munsell Color Wheel

Several months ago I built a simple web-based color tool that allows you to browse and pick colors from a “virtual” Munsell Color Wheel.  I thought others might find it at least a little bit useful, too, and so am making it publicly available.  (Given that my web programming skills are several generations old, I expect this tool to stay in a somewhat simple state, but we’ll see…)

What the tool lets you do is select a “hue page”, such as 5Y (i.e., the middle yellow hue), and then see all of the Munsell “chips” at various values and chromas for that hue.  It only shows those chips that would display relatively accurately on a well-calibrated monitor using the sRGB color space, so it may not match the chips you’d find on a printed Munsell book.

Click the icon below to launch the tool.  If it’s not self explanatory what’s going on, you can also visit the brief Help & Info page for more.

Virtual Munsell Color Tool

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    Thank You so much again and again for sharing and making it publicly available!! It helps a lot !!!

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