Turing Pattern Article on TED

There’s an excellent article on Turing Patterns on ideas.ted.com, “How the Zebra Got Its Stripes, with Alan Turing“.  It summarizes the reaction-diffusion process between an activator and an inhibitor which Turing proposed could be responsible for many patterns in nature.  Recent research seems to confirm that Turing was right at least for some patterns, such as those on a zebrafish, and that the Turing Pattern process could even be responsible for limb formation such as fingers (which, if you think about it, are stripes of alternating “finger-space-finger-space…”).

As regular followers of my work know, I’ve been enjoying Turing Patterns in my paintings for several years now as I like the positive/negative balance that they produce (especially when helped along by some creative liberties taken by the artist!).

The Experiential Now

“The Experiential Now”, acrylic on aluminum panel, 30×30 inches


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