Here’s a time-lapse video of me mixing up a 33-step gradient of acrylic colors. Although most artists wouldn’t need a string with so many gradations, because of the way I make my marks, having a premixed palette of colors is pretty much necessary. I’m using Golden Acrylic paints on a Masterson Sta-Wet Palette.

I’ve been playing around with generation of “three dimensional Turing Patterns.” For this example, I started with a random 3D cube of voxels and repeatedly applied a 3D blurring-and-sharpening algorithm to the cube. After a while, the system reaches a state in which you have positive and negative shapes and each slice is itself a 2D Turing Pattern. (By running the algorithm so that the blurs and sharpens ‘wrap’ the cube, the patterns wrap around in all dimensions, so I think this is topographically a torus.) In the video below, you are progressing front-to-back through the Turing Pattern cube one frame at a time.

Two of the paintings from my “Elusive” series are included in the 2018 Juried Exhibition at 3rd Street Gallery in Philadelphia, PA (45 North 2nd Street, in the Old City gallery district). Both Elusive #3 and Elusive #4 are 36×36 inches, acrylic on canvas. The show runs from January 5 through January 28 with an opening reception on Sunday, January 7, from 1-4pm.

I’m very pleased to be included in the group exhibition, Free Form, to be held at Alfa Art Gallery in New Brunswick, NJ. The show runs from March 15 through April 29, 2017, with an opening reception on Friday, March 17, from 6:30-9:30pm. The gallery is located at 108 Church Street, just off of George Street and only about two blocks from the New Brunswick train station.

I’m very happy to announce that two of my paintings will be included in the group exhibition, Walls on Walls, at the Trenton Library from February 23 through April 7, 2017. There will be an opening reception on Thursday, February 23, from 5:30-7:00pm. The library is located at 120 Academy St, Trenton, NJ. Other artists in the show include Aubrey Kauffman, Mel Leipzig, Florence Moonan, Priscilla Algava, Leon Rainbow, Dean Innocenzi, and Liz Aubrey.

Two of my paintings will be included in the “STEAM Series” exhibition, Art of Discovery, at the West Windsor Arts Center. The show runs from September 12 through November 4, 2016, with an opening reception on Saturday, September 24, from 4-6pm.

In Approaching Equilibrium, I simulated a reaction-diffusion process on the computer but stopped the process short of steady-state to create a dynamic, active composition that serves as the framework for my mark-making.

In Balance, I wrote a program that used a physics engine to simulate physical forces to balance the squares and circles that fill the frame; I also simulated a reaction-diffusion process on the resulting composition to create a Turing Pattern which “touches” all of the shapes with the painting.

The Arts Center is located at 952 Alexander Road, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550.

I’m very excited to announce that the Monmouth Museum (Lincroft, NJ) has selected my work for a solo exhibition as part of their 2016-2017 New Jersey Emerging Artists Series! The show will run from July 15 through August 14, 2016, with an opening reception on Friday, July 15 from 6 – 8 pm. There will also be an artist talk on another to-be-determined date at the museum. Stay tuned for further details!

The Monmouth Museum is located at 765 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ.

PLEASE NOTE:  The dates for my show have changed since I originally posted this note; the revised dates, as shown above, are July 15 – Aug 14, 2016.

I’m delighted to be included in the TAWA Invitational Art Exhibition at the Lakefront Gallery of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton, which runs from April 8 through June 24, 2016. There will be an opening reception on April 28 from 5:30-7:30pm. The gallery is located at One Hamilton Plaza, Hamilton, NJ. I’ll have two paintings in the exhibition:

I’m happy to once again be exhibiting at the 2016 edition of the Mercer County Artists exhibition at The Gallery @ Mercer County Community College.  My painting, “Sierpinski Squared,” is included in the show which features art from artists who live or work within Mercer County, New Jersey.  The opening reception is Wednesday, February 24, from 5-7pm and the show runs through March 24.

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Bridges 2015 Precursor at Towson University

Two of my paintings will be included in this exhibition at the Towson University in Baltimore, a precursor to the Bridges 2015 Conference Art Exhibition. It should be a great show and I’m very excited to be a part of it! The show runs from June 27 – July 25, 2015, with an opening reception on Friday, June 26 (7:30-9pm) at the Towson Center for the Arts Gallery.

Sunday, May 31, is the final day of my exhibition, “Curves Ahead,” with Alan J. Klawans at Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville, New Jersey. I’ve been very pleased with the show and the feedback I’ve received and hope that if you haven’t yet had a chance to see it, you’ll stop by this weekend to check it out.

This also happens to be my final show with the gallery, as I’ve decided to spend my energies working to exhibit my work further afield from Lambertville. It has been a wonderful six and a half years and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the many very talented, hard-working artists who help to run the gallery (which has been in operation for 20 years now).

So Thank You, Artists’ Gallery!

I’m very happy to report that my painting, Arising, will be included in Bowery Gallery‘s 2015 National Exhibition. The show (whose juror was painter/critic/professor Stephen Westfall) runs from July 28 through August 15, 2015, with an opening reception on Thursday, July 30, from 5-8pm.  Bowery Gallery is located at 530 West 25th Street (Fourth Floor), New York, NY, in the heart of Chelsea.

I’m very happy to announce that three of my paintings will be included in the Bridges 2015 Conference Art Exhibition.  Bridges is a conference about the connections between the worlds of mathematics and art. This is the second time I’ll be attending the conference (the first time was during an amazing visit to Pecs, Hungary, back in 2010). My three paintings are each composed around Turing Patterns, a kind of spatial pattern that forms from a specific kind of reaction-diffusion process first suggested by British mathematician Alan Turing in 1952. The paintings are:

For each of these paintings, I used Adobe Photoshop to simulate a reaction-diffusion process until equilibrium was reached and used the Turing pattern as the basis for the painting. In Realization and Multiple Drafts, there are multiple levels of the same pattern superimposed at different scales. In The Inward Turn, the patterns are colored with subtle gradations of markings along with two other spline-like curves. (My paper, Turing Patterns in Photoshop, which explains the mathematics behind why blurring and sharpening an image in Photoshop can lead to a Turing pattern, has been included in the conference proceedings and I’m incredibly excited to be presenting at the conference!)

These three paintings will be in the conference’s art exhibition, which runs from July 29 through August 1, 2015, at The University of Baltimore.

In addition, The Inward Turn and Realization will be included in a pre-conference exhibition at the Towson University Art Gallery which runs from June 26 through July 25, 2015. Finally, the painting Realization will travel down to Washington, DC, after the Bridges conference to be included the Centennial Mathfest Art Exhibition August 5-8, 2015.

My two-person show with Alan J. Klawans, “Curves Ahead”, runs from May 7 through May 31, 2015, at Artists’ Gallery in Lambertville, NJ. We’ll be holding an opening reception on Saturday, May 9, from 4-7pm. Hope you can make it!

Here is a selection of paintings from the show: