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On Friday, light holiday traffic made for an easy trip to Manhattan for a day of East Side art viewing.  While the Turnpike was empty, though, the Metropolitan Museum of Art was packed. I began at “Rooms with a View: The Open Window in the 19th Century“, an excellent medium-sized show of European paintings from […]

I’ve been so busy getting things ready for my upcoming show in April that I haven’t had time to finish writing about last week’s art fairs.  But I did want to mention a few things about my second day in Manhattan last week. I started the day at 9:30 up at the Metropolitan Museum of […]

I’m not sure exactly which neurons in my brain were firing when I decided to get off of the F train yesterday at 23rd Street.  I might have learned the answer, though, had I been able to continue to my target destination, the “Brain: The Inside Story” exhibition at the Museum of Natural History.  However, […]

Last week I was in Los Angeles to visit my brother and while there I took in a sizable sample of the entire L.A. art scene. Monday On the afternoon of my arrival I visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  The last time I was in town, LACMA was about to unwrap their […]

Last Thursday I headed up to the Midtown gallery district running along 57th Street around Madison and Fifth Avenues. First up on my list of shows to see was The Pace Gallery‘s 50th anniversary show at their 32 East 57th Street space. Like the shows in Chelsea, it’s a blockbuster show and a must-see. This […]

It’s a new season in New York and there are changes all over.  Even though I feel like I’ve been visiting every month or so, quite a lot seems to be different now that Fall is here.  A brand spanking new PATH train to the city with clean seats and clear signage (though it doesn’t […]

I recently returned from a 10-day trip to Hungary that included a brief stay in Budapest followed by a visit to the southern Hungarian city of Pécs (pronounced variously like “Peach”, “Paych”, or “Paysch”).  Aside from making a nice vacation to a place I’d never visited before, the purpose of the trip was to attend […]

Relatively speaking, Thursday wasn’t such a bad day to walk around New York City to see art.  The “cool” 90 degrees was bearable and with some strategic south-side-of-the-street-shade-walking, the worst of the heat could be avoided (“…walking on the sidewalk hotter than a match head…”).  The No. 6 train uptown, with its working air conditioning, […]

This year I only managed to make it to two of the art fairs during Art Fair week in Manhattan, but overall it was an enjoyable time spent with a diverse selection of artwork. First up was The Armory Show, which is open through Sunday at Piers 94 and 92 on the West Side of […]

After leaving the Whitney Biennial, I was looking for some more inspiring fare and so headed down to Chelsea for a quick trip to some galleries whose shows seemed promising.  On 26th Street, Galerie Lelong provided a nice jolt of energy with the work of Emilio Perez: large abstractions full of swirls and whooshes, meticulously […]

I made it into this year’s Whitney Biennial…   OK, you didn’t fall for that for a second, did you?  Let me start again.  I attended the Biennial today during member previews, which allows you to spend some time with the work without feeling pressed onwards by a huge crowd.  On the other hand, you don’t […]

Desaturation seemed to be the theme of most of the shows I saw in Chelsea yesterday: many grayish paintings and photos without a lot of color.  Although that might be a fit for the middle of the winter, it was a sunny enough day that I was really more in the mood to see some […]

I headed back into New York City on Thursday for an afternoon full of art that included a brisk tour through Chelsea, a (too) quick visit to the Met to finally see that Vermeer show, and an opening reception for a former teacher of mine on the upper east side. After debarking from NJ Transit […]

Today was the first day of the Art20 fair at the Park Avenue Armory and I used the occasion to visit several shows on 57th Street as well.  I had hoped to make it up to the Met to catch Vermeer, but with the wind whipping away under threatening gray skies and a need to […]

After visiting PhotoPlus Expo at Javits, I decided my feet weren’t tired enough and so I hoofed it on down to Chelsea to see some art.  There were quite a few shows that I enjoyed and found worth noting. At Stephen Haller Gallery on 26th Street, a Ronnie Landfeild show celebrates 40 years since the […]

On Thursday I visited the Jacob Javits Convention Center for the 2009 edition of the PhotoPlus Expo, an annual photographer’s trade show that I’ve visited every year since 2001.  One good sign for the economy was that the expo hall was completely packed with visitors.  Every aisle was jammed and many booths were stuffed with […]

I headed into Manhattan again yesterday to check out the Georgia O’Keeffe “Abstraction” show at the Whitney (up through January 17, 2010). Last December I saw an O’Keeffe show down in Washington, DC, which had improved my opinion of her work with some very dynamic, abstracted landscapes. This Whitney show starts of slowly with a […]

It’s been quite some time since I last wrote about a trip to Chelsea.  It’s not that I hadn’t seen some good shows over the spring and summer — the amazing Chuck Close tapestry & painting show at Pace Wildenstein and the Yayoi Kusama show at Gagosian come to mind — but no single trip […]

I hadn’t been to Chelsea since January and so was looking forward to catching up on the scene yesterday on an art-filled day in the city.  I had my list of galleries to visit, planned carefully via (which, sadly, seems to be missing more and more gallery listings these days) and the latest copy […]