Bridges 2015 Conference Exhibition

I’m very happy to announce that three of my paintings will be included in the Bridges 2015 Conference Art Exhibition.  Bridges is a conference about the connections between the worlds of mathematics and art. This is the second time I’ll be attending the conference (the first time was during an amazing visit to Pecs, Hungary, back in 2010). My three paintings are each composed around Turing Patterns, a kind of spatial pattern that forms from a specific kind of reaction-diffusion process first suggested by British mathematician Alan Turing in 1952. The paintings are:

For each of these paintings, I used Adobe Photoshop to simulate a reaction-diffusion process until equilibrium was reached and used the Turing pattern as the basis for the painting. In Realization and Multiple Drafts, there are multiple levels of the same pattern superimposed at different scales. In The Inward Turn, the patterns are colored with subtle gradations of markings along with two other spline-like curves. (My paper, Turing Patterns in Photoshop, which explains the mathematics behind why blurring and sharpening an image in Photoshop can lead to a Turing pattern, has been included in the conference proceedings and I’m incredibly excited to be presenting at the conference!)

These three paintings will be in the conference’s art exhibition, which runs from July 29 through August 1, 2015, at The University of Baltimore.

In addition, The Inward Turn and Realization will be included in a pre-conference exhibition at the Towson University Art Gallery which runs from June 26 through July 25, 2015. Finally, the painting Realization will travel down to Washington, DC, after the Bridges conference to be included the Centennial Mathfest Art Exhibition August 5-8, 2015.

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