Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your paintings take to make?
It’s difficult to say precisely, because in addition to the time it takes to “paint” one of my pieces, there is a variable amount of time to design the piece, as well as all of the extra work required to varnish, photograph, document, etc. But, in general, the smallest paintings take a few days and the largest ones I’ve painted to date took me about a month.
Do you use a stencil?
I don’t use stencils at all. Each of the marks in my paintings is hand-painted, one brushstroke at a time. I use a homemade mahlstick to keep my hand steady while working.  If you’d like to see my working process, here’s a video showing a painting pretty much from start to finish.
Do you use a computer?
For many of my paintings, I do use a computer to help me pre-plan out my design and to test out color combinations. For the “Turing Pattern” series of paintings, I have developed a few techniques on the computer that can transform an initial image into a Turing Pattern, which I may then use as the starting point in the design of a painting. After the design work is done, though, the paintings are all hand-painted.
What does a specific painting cost?
To inquire about the availability and price of any particular painting, please use the Contact page on this website and indicate the name of the piece you are interested in.
How can I buy your work?
At present, I do not have regular gallery representation. I do occasionally ship work to customers, though my preference would be for you to see a painting you love in person first.  If you would like to buy work that you see on the website, contact me for details regarding pricing and seeing the work in person.  
In addition to originals, reproductions are available. Reproductions are either high quality professional inkjet prints (Epson 3880 printer on Epson Ultra Premium Luster paper) or “metal prints” produced by a third party on aluminum panels.